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AR-APM is an Augmented Reality set of mobile applications, to avoid and/or deactivate anti-personnel mines for both civilians and military people.
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Demo Invitation to #futurereality15

Exploring Future Reality is a ½ day event with over a dozen speakers delivering lightning talks and interactive demos. The event will feature faculty, startups founders, and corporate media lab technologists. The discussion will focus on the impact of virtual and augmented reality on the media and technology industry, including best practices on how to build experiments in VR and AR storytelling, production and distribution.

AR-APM won third prize at NYCMediaLab

NYC Media Lab’s Annual Summit and demo showcase on Friday, September 25th, was host to over one hundred creative coders, product designers, data scientists and makers from New York City’s universities and beyond.
Demo participants presented their research and prototypes to a crowd of 800 participants, including thought leaders and fellow technologists from leading digital media, technology, and communications companies.

AR-APM in the 2015 NYU Polytechnic School of engineering research expo

Each of our departments at the faculty, graduate and undergraduate level and in our K-12 STEM initiative will demonstrate their research. The Media Lab and companies from our thriving Incubators will be represented as well, and cross-institutional projects will be highlighted.

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