Week 07

Developing a mobile prototype

I focused this week on having a “hello world” app running in a mobile phone using Mapbox. To deliver this goal I broke the task in small chunks:

  • Start and set up a new x-code project
  • Install additional required software (MapBox SDK, cocoa)
  • Create a new Github repository to control versions on the app
  • Upload the first map into the mobile app
  • Determine the initial user position
  • Create a customized map highlighting roads and  replacing the first map

Plans for next iteration are: determine user position, tracking user’s movement and collecting info from displacements.

I also improved my thesis writing process by completing the outline and adding content  find my thesis document here.

Additionally  (thanks to Chun-Fang Huang) for introducing to me to flora wearable GPS I’m not quite sure how I’m gonna integrate or if I’m going to use it. However, I consider this is a remarkable asset to capture user coordinates and it would be great if deminers or canine members of the demining team can wear this device in order to track their movements and collect information.

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